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Gourdacopia is dedicated to fine  gourd art and pine needle basket creations by Sondra Hodson.  




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Gourd Art Designs at the Beginning

Early Gourd Art Designs

Early Gourd Art Design

After I learned how to clean the gourds, I had to decide what I wanted to do with them. I have always had a fascination with Native American art, so I decided that my first gourd art designs would reflect this. The gourds I had chosen were shaped like Native American Pottery so that is the direction I took. At this point, I realized that I needed some examples to look at, so I began looking for books with Native American Designs.

One excellent source I found for gourd art designs is Dover Publications.  Here one can find books full of designs that are in the public domain which means they can be copied without violating copyright.

I found that Native American Art was an excellent source for design ideas.  I am in awe of the amazing talent Native American artists have.   I took advantage of several excellent books that have the history and significance of the designs outlined in detail.

Another source of ideas for my gourd art designs was the internet.  I looked at thousands of pictures of gourd art by established artists in order to see what was possible. I was astounded at the  designs that could be created on gourds!  Although viewing what these talented artists did with gourds humbled me greatly, it also gave me inspiration and direction!

While I was researching gourd art designs, I kept in mind the fact that I didn’t want to directly copy anyone else’s work. I feel this is important for a couple of reasons. One, I want the art to be my own and two I don’t want to steal someone else’s creation. So, while my first work used elements of the style of work that I researched, I tried very hard to change it enough to make it my own.

As I progressed through the years, I branched out into themes that included other cultures and themes in nature, but I still enjoy doing Native American gourd art designs every once in awhile.

The picture on this page shows a gourd I made in 2006. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of my earlier gourds and have either sold or given away all of them.


Gourd Art – A History of Gourdacopia

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